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Car Rental United Kingdom

  • All Locations for United Kingdom

    • Anglesey Airport [HLY]
    • Belfast City Airport [BHD]
    • Blackpool Airport [BLK]
    • Cheltenham And Staverton Airport
    • Coventry Airport [CVT]
    • Derry Airport [LDY]
    • Doncaster Airport [DSA]
    • Dundee Airport [DND]
    • Eglinton Airport [LDY]
    • Glasgow Prestwick Airport [PIK]
    • Glenegedale Airport [ILY]
    • Gloucester Airport [GLO]
    • Humberside Airport [HUY]
    • Isle Of Man Ronaldsway Airport [IOM]
    • Lerwick Scatsta Airport [SCS]
    • Lerwick Tingwall Airport [LWK]
    • London Derry Airport [NLT]
    • London Gatwick Airport [LGW]
    • London Heathrow Airport [LHR]
    • London Luton Airport [LTN]
    • London Stansted Airport [STN]
    • Orkney Kirkwall Airport [KOI]
    • Ronaldsway Airport
    • Wick Airport [WIC]
    • Belfast Central Railway Station
    • Edinburgh Railway Station
    • Leeds Railway Station
    • Penzance Railway Station
    • St Pancras Railway Station
    • Aberdeen
    • Aberystwyth
    • Aylesbury
    • Basildon
    • Basingstoke
    • Bedford
    • Birmingham
    • Blackpool
    • Bolton
    • Bracknell
    • Bradford
    • Brighton
    • Bristol
    • Bromley
    • Bromwich
    • Burton Upon Trent
    • Bury St Edmunds
    • Bushey Meet And Greet
    • Caernarfon
    • Cambridge City
    • Cardiff
    • Carlisle
    • Carmarthen
    • Chelmsford
    • Chester
    • Colchester
    • Coventry
    • Crawley
    • Darlington
    • Dartford
    • Derby
    • Doncaster
    • Dundee
    • Eastbourne
    • Edgware
    • Edinburgh
    • Epsom
    • Exeter
    • Falmouth
    • Fareham
    • Glasgow
    • Gloucester
    • Great Yarmouth
    • Grimsby
    • Guildford
    • Hamilton Downtown
    • Harlington
    • Harlow
    • Harrogate
    • Helston
    • Hemel Hempstead
    • Hereford
    • High Wycombe
    • Holyhead
    • Huddersfield
    • Hull
    • Huntingdon
    • Inverness
    • Ipswich
    • Jersey
    • Keighley
    • Kings Lynn
    • Kirkwall, Orkney
    • Lancaster
    • Lancing
    • Leeds
    • Leicester
    • Lerwick
    • Lincoln
    • Liverpool
    • Llanelli
    • Luton
    • Maidstone Downtown
    • Manchester
    • Mansfield
    • Middlesbrough
    • Middleton
    • Milton Keynes
    • Motherwell
    • Newbury
    • Newport
    • Newquay
    • Northampton
    • Northwich
    • Oldham
    • Omagh
    • Pembroke
    • Perth City
    • Peterborough
    • Plymouth
    • Poole
    • Portsmouth
    • Preston City
    • Putney
    • Reading
    • Redditch
    • Rochester
    • Romford
    • Rugby
    • Salisbury
    • Sheffield
    • Slough
    • Southampton
    • Southend On Sea
    • St Albans
    • Stafford
    • Staines
    • Stevenage
    • Stirling
    • Stockport
    • Stoke On Trent
    • Sunderland
    • Swansea
    • Tamworth
    • Taunton
    • Telford
    • Tonbridge
    • Torquay
    • Truro
    • Wakefield
    • Walsall
    • Warrington
    • Watford
    • Wellingborough
    • Weston Super Mare
    • Woking
    • Wolverhampton
    • Worcester
    • Workington
    • Yeovil
    • York
  • Car rental companies in United Kingdom

    • Budget Car Hire United Kingdom
      Budget Car Hire United Kingdom
    • Sixt Car Hire United Kingdom
      Sixt Car Hire United Kingdom
    • Europcar Car Hire United Kingdom
      Europcar Car Hire United Kingdom
    • Alamo Car Hire United Kingdom
      Alamo Car Hire United Kingdom
    • Enterprise Car Hire United Kingdom
      Enterprise Car Hire United Kingdom
    • Green Motion Car Hire United Kingdom
      Green Motion Car Hire United Kingdom
    • Keddy Car Hire United Kingdom
      Keddy Car Hire United Kingdom
    • Easirent Car Hire United Kingdom
      Easirent Car Hire United Kingdom
    • Interrent Car Hire United Kingdom
      Interrent Car Hire United Kingdom
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United Kingdom Travel and Car rental Guide

The United Kingdom (UK), commonly referred to as Britain, is a constituent of Northern Ireland and Great Britain. UK is an independent state located in the north west of Europe. It is surrounded by the North Sea, Atlantic Ocean, the Irish Sea and the English Channel.

How do I get to United Kingdom?

The best way to get to the United Kingdom from any part of the world is by air transport. With over 450 airports in the UK, you will always find daily flights to one of these airports from various parts of the world. If you are traveling to the UK from France or Belgium, you can opt to travel by train. It is also possible to enter the UK from various neighboring states by car.

Transportation and car hire options in the UK?

It is possible to move from one city to another by plane. Since the distances are quite short, air transport is quite expensive, especially if you are working on a budget. Trains are an ideal way to move around the UK. There are two rail networks that offer transportation throughout the UK. Trains transport is the most used means of transportation in the UK.

There are also bus services that cover the entire UK, and they vary in cost and quality of travel. In order for a bus to stop for you, it is advisable to stop it using your hand; otherwise you may just be at the stage for a long time. You can also opt for taxis; there are two taxi types in the UK, the metered cabs which are black in color can be found anywhere in the UK and have to be hailed at to know you need their services. The other type is the minicabs which are private cabs and have to be booked by phone to be available.

The other type of transportation option you have is car rental. While the other means can be convenient, they can at times be met with a few hitches. To make sure that you explore as much of the UK as possible, it is paramount that you rent a car. It is possible to rent a car from all the major international airports in the UK.

Once you land at the airport, you will spot car hire service desks in the entry terminals. These car rental agencies are both local and international. It is even possible to get cheap car hire service providers in the UK. There are also numerous car hire companies throughout the cities and town in the UK, you can even have your hotel arrange for one for you.

What attractions are there in the UK?

The UK plays home to up to 25 UNESCO heritage sites. There are also numerous museums and parks to visit. There are also thousands of communities you can pay visits to as you marvel at the UK countryside. You will also have the chance to see the great Buckingham palace. There are major cities to visit like London, Edinburgh and even Cambridge and Oxford where you get to visit two of the oldest towns and universities. There are also 14 national parks and at least 40 gardens. You cannot miss the Edinburgh gardens, the Canterbury cathedral, the birthplace of Shakespeare and even the York minster.

The UK has a lot to offer, it is impossible to lack fun things to do in the midst of the countryside, historic towns, coastal areas and great cities.    


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